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Inner Ecology is a wellness center dedicated to promoting your overall well-being and harmony. Experience the transformative power of our safe and effective colon hydrotherapy treatments, alongside our other health services.

Enhance your well-being and discover a healthier and happier you.

What goes in, must come out...

Colon hydrotherapy gently removes toxins from the colon and intestinal tract by removing old fecal matter and waste products. 


The colons job is to absorb water and nutrients from digested food before it passes the indigestible waste out of the body. Waste can build up and can be quite toxic. When this happens you feel tired, lethargic, unwell or weak.

Hydrotherapy gives your colon it’s “spring” back and in turn, can reverse the symptoms of the unwell body.

When cleansing and embarking on detox programs, most people initially feel much better right away, but there will definitely be days when people don't feel so great.

That unwell feeling that you may experience means a lot of toxins want out now

and this is where colon cleansing comes in! This yucky feeling is otherwise known as a healing crisis or herheimer reaction.

So let’s get those toxins out

Here’s the bottom line. You may feel worse because toxins in the form of heavy metals, yeast and pathogenic bacteria are dying off and need to be eliminated from the body. Colon cleanses are a wonderful tool to assist in eliminating the dead toxins or "corpses". Immediate relief can be experienced following a colon cleanse.

It’s not such a bad idea when you consider that the average person may have up to 4kg of non-eliminated waste in the large intestine! Imagine what those stagnant toxins can do to your small intestine and the rest of your body.

(Remember, at least 75% of your immune system is in your gut.)

What are the benefits of colon hydrotherapy?

  • Increased energy                              

  • Increased sleep                               

  • Better skin 

  • Decreases the risk of developing colon and prostate cancer

  • Better Digestion

  • Reduces appetite

  • Healthier Organs    

Meet Nancy
Nancy Inner Ecology
Nancy (RN MsC)


With Bachelor degrees in Nursing and Health Education, a Masters in Nutrition along with Certifications in Colon Hydrotherapy, Nancy's qualifications speak for themselves.


In addition to this, Nancy qualified in 2019 from the International Colon Hydrotherapy Training Academy and is now able to train others in Colon Hydrotherapy. 

Nancy understands the importance of including probiotics foods in your diet and utilizes a holistic approach in treating the body. She has always been a studious person and continues to research and study to keep abreast of the latest innovations.

She has over three and a half decades Nursing around the globe including the start up and running of a successful colon hydrotherapy practice in Blenheim, New Zealand. Nancy has performed thousands of colon hydrotherapy sessions and is particularly passionate about the benefits of the full liver and gall bladder flush.

Originally from America, Nancy moved to New Zealand  in 2005. She lives in Palmerston North with her husband Guy and family. Her home and Inner Ecology are situated on a 10 acre lifestyle block, nestled in a secluded and beautiful spot only 5 min from the city with plenty of parking for your convenience.

Over the past twenty years, Nancy has herself embarked on a journey with her own health issues. Drawing on her personal experience with mercury poisoning and candidiasis, she found health by utilising alternative based practices combined with the best of her western medicine background. Nancy started Inner Ecology for these reasons, and is passionate in her desire to share her knowledge.

What is colon hydrotherapy?

Stimulating and revitalizing colon hydrotherapy is a medically approved treatment that is safe and gentle, utilized by physicians, health practitioners and hospitals globally. Inner Ecology features a state of the art model device with an large LED viewing screen. The water is gravity fed otherwise known as the open system. It utilizes filtered warm water and a disposable small single use rectal tube that is easily self inserted into the bum. The tube is only the size of your small finger and is inserted a couple inches. Water goes in and waste comes out around the tube and down the drain which means no mess and the exhaust fan takes away the smell. 

Ideal as a colonoscopy prep and for treatment of bowel issues such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis or simply as the ultimate cleanse and detox. Colon hydrotherapy improves the function of the entire body by deep cleansing and hydrating. The treatment restores natural moisture to the colon while deeply nourishing all organs.



*First Initial Appointment  |  Single Session  |  2 hours $125.00

*Every new patient is required to book this service prior to booking any other stand alone services.

Follow up appointments  |  Single Session  |  1hr 15mins $110.00

3 Single sessions (within two weeks) |  $300.00


6 Single sessions (within three weeks)  $590.00

10 'life changer' Single sessions (within 30 days)  

Colon Hydrotherapy /Coffee Enema $135

Colon Hydrotherapy session followed by an organic coffee enema.

Nuga Bed $50

Nuga bed massage is a 40 minute massage designed to target your pressure points. The gentle rolling motion, and soothing heat, loosen and relax tense neck muscles, and alleviate not only back pain, but also headaches and tension-related fatigue.


Ionic Foot Detox Bath  $50

An ionic foot detox works by pulling toxins out through the feet.

Ionic Foot Detox Bath series of 6 $250

Health Consultation (60mins) $100

two day cleanse

Liver and Gall Bladder Flush |  $350.00

This service is designed as a two day treatment,  and includes 2 colon cleanses,  and the liver and gallbladder liquid intake regime.

Bookings for this service are currently only available via either by phone or email.



I had been suffering with abdominal pain for years before I found Nancy. I have had 4 sessions and after the first session for the first time in years I had no pain. I am coming off my pain medication and would highly recommend it to anyone with abdominal pain issues. Very friendly and professional staff. I’m definitely going to go back for more sessions.
~ Grace D

I would recommend Nancy to anybody with general health problems. She as a highly experienced Nurse of many years BUT what makes her more special and needed is that she wasn't afraid to step outside the box of Medical mainstream... her knowledge is huge. She is a very warm, articulate and compassionate person, and a fantastic educator and health practitioner. I hope the Manawatu and beyond will truly appreciate what Nancy is providing here. 😍
~ Jenny D

Absolutely recommend Nancy at Inner Ecology. She not only has years of experience but also makes you feel at ease with her calm and caring nature. I couldn’t have been put more at ease by her professionalism and mannerisms if I tried, especially at such an awkward and usually private time. I have suffered from stomach and digestive issues for as long as I can remember and this has been the only thing that has really helped me. I can’t express enough how amazing I feel and recommend Nancy to everyone and anyone.
Thankyou so so much.

~ Chianti O

Dear Nancy, Thank you so so much - not only for providing me with incredibly professional emergency healthcare, but for giving me something incredibly precious : hope. You are truly one of the kindest, and most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not to mention how swiftly you made me feel comfortable and how I was able to trust you which, believe me, is a totally rare occurrence in my life. Your sensitivity and sympathy regarding the mental battle I was fighting throughout the sessions was truly like none I've experienced before. You are a total Angel and I am beyond appreciative and grateful to have met you and been treated by you. Thank you for everything.
~ S

I would highly recommend Nancy. She is so wonderfully, kind and caring and is such a knowledgeable lady! 
I first visited Nancy having trouble with gallstones. My gp had referred me for surgery to remove my gallbladder but I wanted to try a natural fix if possible. Nancy suggested for me to try a liver and gallbladder flush, which I was super keen to try. Later that day Nancy called me and suggested when I do the flush ,that I also come for a stay over, have a cleanse that arvo, do the flush and have another cleanse the following morning . It was a wonderful success with this passing several stones (painlessly). I have had no trouble with the stones since! No surgery for me!!! Thank you Nancy for sharing your wisdom in such a beautiful setting. I appreciate you!

~ Rachael

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