Things to do before and after Colon Hydrotherapy



18 hours prior to receiving Colon hydrotherapy


  • Drink plenty of purified water up until 2 hours before treatment.

  • Eat a light meal consisting of soft foods and vegetables. Avoid animal protein.

  • Avoid eating 2 to 3 hours prior to your scheduled Colon Hydrotherapy session.

  • Consider adding linseed meal (flax fibre and psyllium husk a.k.a metamucil (GP  script or supermaket) to your daily    regime to increase fibre while receiving  essential fatty acids. Fiber taken for a week leading up to the treatment will make for a more comfortable productive session.

  • Consider a parasite intestinal cleanse.

  • Intestinal cleanse product recommended is Malcolm Harkers "Intestinal cleanse" taken daily for a week before and can be during treatments (basically worming yourself). This can be purchased at Organic Buzz at Terrace End or online at Healthpost.



Depending on how your body responds you may experience anything from a burst of energy to headaches, feeling quite tired or light headed.


  • Drink plenty of water and herbal teas.                             

  • Consume probiotics as the good bacteria aid in digestion.

  • Eat soft easy to digest foods for 24 hours (soups,and vegetables) unless appetite increases significantly.

  • Avoid eating raw vegetables for 3 days to prevent excess gas production that may cause abdominal discomfort. Heat packs are helpful for cramping

  • Reduce meat consumption for 3 days or AVOID altogether.

  • Allow time for body to rest, keep warm and comfortable.

  • Consider it normal if the bowels do not empty again for a few days.

If you experience any concerns prior to your treatment, or continued discomfort or concern post treatment, feel free to call or text anytime 021 578 868